Editor's Notes


Rolling Submissions and Podcasting

Beginning today, The Baseball Chronicle is switching from theme-based submissions to rolling submissions.

The change allows contributors to send in anything, anytime, with almost no restrictions. If the story’s good, I’ll find a place for it on the site.

This site’s purpose has always been to share great stories, thought-provoking opinions and essays, and much more, all with a common thread—great baseball writing. That will never change; the new rolling submissions system only makes that sharing easier, and opens the site to timely—though always thoughtful and measured—commentary and reviews.

The submission line is wide open: editor AT thebaseballchronicle.com

* * * *

I first imagined The Baseball Chronicle as a podcast—a stirring blend of oral history and storytelling, with some commentary thrown in. It was to be a baseball show as done by NPR or PRI.

But I decided the possibilities for a baseball storytelling website, not just a podcast, were far more exciting and, well, as a guy who’s only barely dabbled outside the world of text, attainable. And, I told myself, I could always add a podcast to the website later.

So that’s what I’ve done. It’s certainly not a professional production, but it’ll get better, (hopefully) moving closer to that original goal.

For the inaugural episode, I interviewed Marty Appel, author of the new biography, “Munson: The Life and Death of a Yankee Captain.” I’m still very new to podcasting, so I’ll apologize in advance for the verbal tics and general mediocrity of the thing. But it will get better.

* * * *

Putting these announcements together: I’m also looking for submissions for the podcast. Send your ideas—please, no .mp3s—to the address above, and we’ll go from there.

Until next time, thanks for reading (and listening, too!).

—July 17, 2009