Personal stories, July 2012

Take Me Out

By Rachel Van Sickle

Her interest in baseball, tainted by a short-lived romance, might have faded like so many other passing fancies. But an unforgettable afternoon at a Mud Hens game made Rachel Van Sickle a fan for good.



By Todd Cosner

A tribute to a legendary Cub, beloved as a player and broadcaster.


The Once and Future Baseball Man

By Phil Bencomo

Victor Wang hasn't played baseball competitively since he was a kid. He knew, back in elementary school in the '90s, that he'd never reach the pros. That he'd struggle even in Little League. That he simply wasn't very good. So he quit.


Yeah? So?

By Ember Nickel

“I am a fan. I have not always been. / But I could not point to the moment when / I became more than just a rider on / A bandwagon whose station is long gone.”


Strike Zone

By Paul Lonardo

Bump hadn't seen him in decades. No one had. He disappeared, as if he'd never existed, just months into a brilliant major league career. But there he was, Ron Flury, sitting three stools away in a Jacksonville bar.



Photo by Gunnery Sgt. Mark Oliva


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