April 24, 2009

A photo essay, edited by Phil Bencomo.


The Philadelphia Athletics' Shibe Park, shown here in this undated photograph, opened in 1909. Originally named for one of the club's initial owners, Benjamin Shibe, the park was renamed Connie Mack Stadium in 1953. The legendary Mack became the sole owner in 1936. The stadium was demolished in 1976.

Shibe Park


The line for tickets. 1911.


Outside the ballpark. 1914.


Years before Cub fans near Wrigley climbed to the top of their homes, fans at Shibe Park took to the rooftops by the hundreds. Here they're shown watching the 1914 World Series.


Until recently, Cubs management largely ignored the rooftop owners. But Athletics owner Connie Mack was not so forgiving. After an unsuccessful lawsuit against the ballpark's neighbors, Mack ordered in 1933 the construction of a 33-foot-tall "spite fence" to block the view from the rooftops.


The second game of the 1913 World Series.


Telegraph operators. 1913.


A panoramic view. 1910. (Click the photograph for a larger view.)

All photos from the Library of Congress digital archives. There are no known restrictions on reproduction, and the photographers are unknown. Background information from Wikipedia.

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