The Baseball Chronicle

Poetry, June 2009

Yeah? So?

By Ember Nickel

I am a fan. I have not always been.
But I could not point to the moment when
I became more than just a rider on
A bandwagon whose station is long gone.

Perhaps disappointment is the real test?
To root for the best takes little, they say.
Was it when outcomes didn’t go my way
But I kept rooting with all of my zeal
That I was for real? That depends on what
Is meant by “outcomes”. The score’s one thing, but
There’s worse. What if the bandwagon’s wheels were
Wrongly greased to lure in fools like me? It
Shouldn’t matter now, even if each hit
That drew me to the game was wrong. I’m still
A fan, and I will keep being one. The
Ends don’t justify the means. Ends can’t be
Burdened, on the other hand, with means’ blame.
We can’t save the game from its saviors past.
Too big to save or destroy, it will last.

About the author

Ember Nickel’s hobbies include playing chess, saxophone, and with the AM radio dial to listen to games 400 miles away. The results of various attempts to play with the English language can be found at Lipogram! Scorecard!

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